Fun things to do in Vancouver on Friday & Saturday

Fun things to do in Vancouver on Friday & Saturday

Throughout the week  especially when the weekend approaches all we can think of is what will we do for fun! Although I’m married and have three beautiful children I still manage to have fun with family and then with my wife and our friends.   Although Friday and Saturday nights are fun days  there are so many fun things to do. The top three fun things that we usually do on a Friday and Saturday night are!  

  • Do a food tour around Main Street which there so many ethnic & vegan restaurants to choose from. After going through a feast we take a nice walk by false creek or to Granville island.  Such a fun time especially at night
  • There’s this new platform that we discovered which is called iaqob! It’s a platform that connects people to fun activities & adventures to do which locals host. There’s so many fun activities to choose from such as learning to knit, poetry clubs and Yoga clubs. It’s so convenient  because there’s a great selection and it’s really a fun experience to do.
  • We usually do this once a month, where my Wife and I walk by the convention center facing the gorgeous waters find a bench to sit on and eat roasted chestnuts then I recite for her poetry. This is one of our  favourite activities  to do especially that it’s so fun and romantic.

Hope you find these activities to be fun !


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