What to take out of being a host at iaqob ?

What to take out of being a host at iaqob ?

At iaqob we have a custom made platform for sellers who are hosts to sell their fun activities to customers who are interested in doing fun activities. A new experience for both sides and great opportunity to meet new people. Hosts are individuals who have passions or talents that they want to showcase and turn it into a sellable product. Our platform was made for one of these purposes. There are many benefits to being a host at iaqob which is very valuable such as;

  • Showcasing your passion and talents
  • Meeting new people
  • Being independent
  • Making money and having fun at the same time
  • Expanding your network and talents

To learn more about being a host at iaqob please visit the following link https://iaqob.com/becoming-a-host/


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