What Iaqob does

What Iaqob does

Iaqob is a Canadian start-up that connects people who want to share a passion or talent to people in their community who are interested in doing fun activities, a new experience for both sides.

Iaqob has built a marketplace for this purpose where people with great passions or talents sell these by hosting them to people who are interested in having fun. It gives the opportunity for citizens to explore and discover their community and meet new people. Iaqob makes this connection easy.

Living in cities is getting more challenging as cities are expanding and developing, but unfortunately many city people find it challenging to enjoy, discover and meet new people in their city.

This in turn can result in Social isolation, for example in Vancouver as study conducted by the “Vancouver Foundation’s Connections and Engagement report, released in December, 2017.” found that Young adults, between 25 and 35 are the hardest hit by social isolation in Metro Vancouver, but a platform like Iaqob will hopefully break this isolation and keep communities cohesive.

Think you have a passion or talent that you like to sell ? well Iaqob is currently welcoming hosts to register on it’s platform. For More information please feel free to visit our website at


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