The benefits of homegrown vegetables

The benefits of homegrown vegetables

For centuries agriculture has always been the norm for societies throughout history from growing beans, grains, fruit, & vegetables this was what the land offered. Plants offer a host of health benefits. Aside from their fiber, vitamins, and minerals, evidence suggests that fruits and veggies contain compounds that play a role in preventing certain cancers as well as heart disease and stroke. Today agriculture is still a norm but it seems like agriculture is loosing it’s value because the growing procedure has involved lots of harmful substances like fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals this causes plants to grow faster but it’s harmful to the body.  Home-grown produce would the best alternative, because it has other advantages beyond its low cost. It’s often tastier and arguably a bit more nutritious. Here are the reasons why

  • Your organic, home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs are fresher, more nutritious and more delicious than conventionally farmed fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Most fruit and vegetables lose nutritional value when they are stored for lengthy periods, or when they are being transported from interstate or overseas.  Chemical preservatives are also applied, which do nothing for your health.
  • The fruit and vegetables in supermarkets have been bred for appearance, a long shelf life and resistance to bruising during transport.  The fruit and vegetables best to grow in your own back yard, on the other hand, have been bred for being nutritious and delicious.
  • You don’t have to worry about the prices of vegetables, herbs and fruits continuing to rise.  The best way to ensure food security for you, your family and your neighbours is to source, and even better to grow, your own food locally.
  • You have reduced your carbon footprint by reducing the food miles of what you eat.

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