The Benefits of Eating Homemade Meals


Natural Ingredients

Eating homemade meals allows you to control the ingredients in your food, so you can use natural ingredients instead of unhealthy processed foods or commercial quality ingredients. Processed foods, or pre-prepared foods frequently served in restaurants or available in pre-made meals from the grocery store, tend to be high in sodium, fat and added sugars. According to the BBC, the World Health Organization recommends greatly reducing the intake of processed foods. Eating homemade foods lets you add in more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diets so that you can focus on all-natural ingredients.


Substitutions and Healthy Eating

You can use healthier cooking methods and substitutions for unhealthy ingredients when eating homemade meals. For example, when most restaurants would use butter or oils with trans fats, homemade meals are usually cooked with nonfat cooking spray or healthy vegetable oils such as olive oil. In addition, at home you can substitute unhealthy ingredients for alternatives. For instance, the American Heart Association recommends substituting one cup of fat-free milk with one tablespoon of vegetable oil for one cup of whole milk.

Economic Value

Homemade food because it is cheaper than going to a restaurant. Few restaurant dishes are cheaper to buy rather than to make at home, and even fast food value items are slightly cheaper to make at home. You can make a homemade burger for less than it would cost to buy a fast food burger. Preparing food in large quantities, which you can do at home, allows you to be more economical with your money.

Other Benefits

Eating homemade food also provides other benefits, including helping you live a healthier lifestyle. Eating at home allows you to customize the portion size as necessary, reducing your urge to indulge on oversized restaurant portions, regardless of the dish’s nutritional value. A report in the January 2007 issue of “Public Health Nutrition” states that families who eat more fast-food meals are less likely to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, and had an overall increase in consumption of salty snacks and soda. Eating homemade food you prepare yourself helps you learn good nutrition, which you can teach to your family so that they too can be healthier.

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  1. I love how you said that eating home-cooked meals allow you to add in natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t get at home. My husband and I have recently been wanting to eat more homemade meals for dinner. His favorite food is Italian, so I will be sure to look into a great way to make home-cooked Italian meals instead of eating out.

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