Spring is Approaching

Spring is Approaching

YaY spring is finally approaching! as we begin the month of March I can’t describe how joyful I am. March is the gate that open the summer season. As I like to think of it. Spring is just in the middle of Cold and Sunny, which I also like. It’s like the summer is waking up. As spring approaches there are many fun things to do that start appearing. Some fun things to do which I usually do during the spring time are the following:

  • Attend many outdoor spring festivals
  • Spring is a celebration in the Persian Calendar which is considered a new year called “Nawrooz” . There are many celebrations and festivals within the Persian community that celebrate this holiday which I find very fun and interesting.
  • More farmers market start appearing around the city which I it as fun thing to do.
  • Attend Shen Yun which is event exhibiting Chinese performing arts.

So excited for this month. I am really looking forward for March and it doesn’t stop there. Summer comes after spring which is even more exciting.

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  1. Incredible piece. Thanks for the recommendations and inspiration.


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