Learning Arabian style weaving

Learning the basics of Arabic weaving

Learning Arabian style weaving

Vancouver, BC


In this introduction we will teach the basics and demonstrate how to weave fabrics through the traditional Arabian style. We will weave a garment bag, mini carpet and a pillow case.


4 reviews for Learning Arabian style weaving
  1. John Brown

    Excellent teachers. I learned a lot about Arabic weaving and I’m looking forward for my next lesson. It’s wonderful to learn about another culture through art

  2. Julia Herbet

    Such incredible works by Cam. It was amazing learning the weaving which I really enjoyed I have never seen such work like this. I will be sure to recommend this to my family and friends.

  3. kenneth

    Cam is an amazing instructor. He teaches deep from his heart. He’s a professional at weaving. I would recommend arabian style weaving to all my friends. It’s buetiful and gorgeous.

  4. Nader

    Incredible and so much fun !! Cam is amazing and kind hearted

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