How to enjoy Vancouver when on a tight budget

How to enjoy Vancouver when on a tight budget

Vancouver although a small city is packed with gorgeous scenery and beauty. The small city of Vancouver alone is ranked the 6th most livable city in the world which was released by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Global Liveability Report.  What many of us city dwellers worry about is how tight our budgets are getting, given that Vancouver is getting very expensive but this doesn’t mean that there’s no chance to get out and enjoy F****n life. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Vancouver when on a tight budget and you will be sure to have memorable experience.

  • Go on a local hiking trip around us there are many gorgeous hiking trails.  Going locally will make transportation cheaper.  Altogether making the experience enjoyable
  • To be more locally take a city tour simply walk around not worrying about time.  False creek, granville island, yaletown, granville bridge. All great areas with fantastic scenery of our city.
  • Attend street festivals and street shows which is usually free.
  • Attend a community garden which is usually free. This is a great experience

Many of my friends who were visiting Vancouver on a tight budget did many of those things listed above and it was truly a great experience for them !


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