How great experiences impact people

How great experiences impact people

Experiences exist all around us.  Everyday in our lives we face new experiences and these experiences can lead to either happiness or to misery but can we control the outcome of an experience ?  weather it will bring happiness or misery ? it really matters how we mentally handle  an experience; how we utilize that experience and make the best use of it will most likely lead to a happy experience.  For instance when a person is trying out a new experience like drawing calligraphy if that person is in engaging and focusing in the calligraphy then it builds a sense of happiness inside of that person and as a result it turns into a happy experience.  An experience doesn’t follow a person , rather; a person must follow an experience in-order to bring the most happiness.  With a great experience as mentioned it leads to the most significant factor which is happiness !  but that’s not the only factor great experiences also bring new perspectives, insight and even rejuvenate your mind, body or spirit.

As mentioned above experiences exist all around everyday and when we face experiences with happiness we would always like to make them memorable so that we can remember them in the future but we could easily lose track of a great experience. So I recommend to always write down on a diary about any fun experience that has happened plus add photos about the experience. Because when you write down things you wouldn’t forget about it and you could always resort back to the time of happiness from the experiences and remember how it made you happy.   Life is all about experiences and in our life time no matter how we live a life a person should always enjoy an experience and make use of it!


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September 6, 2018

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