Experiencing New Cities Efficiently

Experiencing New Cities Efficiently


I was in Capri this past weekend when I took these photos and the wanderlust was ALL too real. I’d actually been to Capri before, but have been dying to go back for years. I was on a high school (group) trip the first time I visited, and we only spent a few hours in Capri. I’ll never forget how bummed I was to leave the island after our quick little afternoon pitstop all those years ago – I was standing on the back of the ferry, starring at the beauty of Capri and wishing more than anything that I didn’t have to leave. If I weren’t only 18 years old, I totally would have ditched the group and spend the rest of my summer experiencing Capri

Visiting a new city can be a fun and a thrilling experience. But on a limited timetable, it can also be stressful. Which neighborhoods do you visit? What’s the best place to eat and shop? Should you go for the tourist-friendly side of town or dive deep into the city that the locals are used to? but what’s most important is how to make the best use of the experience when discovering a new city. Because the main purpose when traveling and discovering a new city or town is the experience that is left behind to remember. After-all the experience is what makes us remember remarkable events in life. By discovering a new city or town at it’s heart  there’s definitely an experience left behind to make use of.

There are multiple ways to experience a new city at it’s heart. Here are 4 ways that I love to experience about a new city.

1. Constantly wonder around and get lost 

Anytime that I’m in a new city or town I love to discover it as much as I can. I constantly walking around to try and familiarize myself a little with the new surroundings. Plus, I’m usually able to get a good “feel” for the city and figure out what I want to revisit or go back and see. If I already have a list of places I want to see or things to do, I like to pinpoint how I’m going to lay out the next few days depending on where everything is located. Whether you’re just strolling around or getting your bread from the baker, it’s so nice to explore without a destination in mind. I always try and intentionally set time aside to do this and let myself get lost and the output is a great experience to gain from. 


2. Just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee! 

I don’t mean just grab a cup of coffee on the go. literally go to a local cafe, order a beverage and sit down outside. The experience from that is very remarkable because you can discover how people interact in the city, you can discover the community,  you can meet new people and it gives you a chance to sit down a relief yourself.


3. Discover local craftsmen and artisans . 

 Even if your not interested in purchasing let alone discovering the local shoe maker, craftsmen or quilt maker you can witness and experiences the  skills  of a city.  I find that the local craftsmen or artisan are so passionate about what they do and they enjoy discussing about this. It’s a perfect way to connect with these people.


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