Intro to the *Philosophy of Epistemology*

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In this event Dr. Morris will be discussing about the Philosophy of Epistemology.

Intro to the *Philosophy of Epistemology*


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Epistemology is the study of knowledge. In particular, epistemology is the study of the nature, scope, and limits of human knowledge. Epistemology investigates the origin, structure, methods, and integrity of knowledge.


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2 reviews for Intro to the *Philosophy of Epistemology*

  1. Kathy Lee

    Great event. As a philosophy major I found this rather informative and intriguing. I’ll be back for more

  2. Danny Jeksen

    Usually, I’m not really a big fan of philosophy because I find it difficult to understand but after taking Kenan’s class I felt I have a new passion and dedication for philosophy. I will definitely be back for more of his presentations.

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