Arabian food cooking lessons Vancouver

Arabian cooking lessons by Hunada.  Choose any Arabian meal that you would like to cook and I will demonstrate it for you.  My minimum for booking is 5 people and the maximum is 10 people.  Please inform me about the dish that you like to learn by posting this through the message notes section once you place the order,

Arabian food cooking lessons Vancouver

North Vancouver, BC


Want to learn how to cook an arabian meal but want to find someone who can teach you the most traditional way? Hunada is a originally from Syria and a house mother who cooks everyday for her family.  She enjoys cooking Arabian food everyday.  She cooks from her heart.

If there’s any Arabian dish that you would love to know how to cook & prepare I can offer lessons on how to make it. Let me know what dish you would like to cook and I’ll be more than happy to demonstrate it to you in full detail.

Here are some ideal and common Arabian meals/dishes

  • Hummous (chick pea Dip)
  • Baba Ghounoush (Eggplant dip)
  • Tabloueh Salad
  • Fatoush Salad
  • Artichoke Salad
  • Many vegan dishes
  • Many vegetarian dishes
  • Chicken/Beef/lamb or fish rice pilaf
  • Molokhia (mallow) leaf stew
  • Okra stew
  • stuffed zucchini
  • Stuffed Grape leaves
  • Stuffed potatoes
  • Stuffed eggplant
  • Fish dishes
  • Upside down rice pilaf

Many more.


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