Cool things to do in Vancouver

Cool things to do in Vancouver

Sitting at my office desk and as we reach towards 5:00pm the only thing that comes to my mind are really two things what I want to eat for dinner ? and what will I do for fun on the Weekend? These usually comes to my mind almost every Friday. It’s just that this has become a habit. So during lunch break my Co-worker and I came up with a list of cool things to do in Vancouver which I like to share with those who are interested:

  • Head up to the mountains that we are pleased to have which is literally in front of our faces.
  • Check out iaqob experiences which is a web platform that offers many experiences and activities for people to do around the city
  • Go tour Granville Island and visit the market. Which reminds me of the traditional bazaars that I would see in the Middle East.
  • Take a nice & peaceful walk around Downtown
  • Attend different fairs and concerts
  • Go ski at Robson Square ice ring before it closes for the season
  • Go to New Westminster Farmers Market


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