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What Are Experiences?

Experiences are more like activities or excursions that a visitor is able to take part in. In general, locals in the area are the hosts of these outings. iaqob locals are giving visitors this unique, specialized access to this particular experience in their region.

Hosts have the ability to offer both hourly classes and one-day experiences, as well as cultural immersions which are experiences that happen over a few days time. They are then offered as is so that the schedules that are set forth cannot be modified to fit anyone’s schedules or have them come and go.

The experiences can be a few hours long to a few days and they should be available for any skill level and any interest that is out there. Guests also have the choice to stay separately from the experience that is being offered. This is simply an optional choice for them and not something that is mandatory for visitors wanting to undertake an iaqob experience.